It would be interesting to mention that the adopted name of Tom Marvolo Riddle ” Lord Voldemort” owes its etymological existence to the combination of french word “Vol de Mort” meaning “Flight of Death“. Moreover it would be interesting to state that the t in Voldemort is silent.

Although the true inspiration of the adopted name of Dark Lord has never been revealed but many interesting references have been made to it some of which I am highlighting here:

  • Vol de Mort” in French means “Flight of Death” or “Theft of Death” – a possible reference to the bloodlust that characterises the dark Lord or a reference to his attempt to escape death through the Seven Horcruxes.
  • There was a dark wizard in medieval times named Voldermortist. In another language, Voldermortist means “Lord of Evil” or “Dark Lord 
  • Lord Voldemort may be taken from Edgar Allan Poe’s character M. Valdemar, who died under hypnosis and came back as a squishy mass of rotting flesh, which is what Voldermort was like, until he regained his human form in the 4th book.