Dreams…we all have dreams.Though here I would like to talk about the dreams we see while sleeping, the creations of our subconscious mind.
Ever wondered how good it would be if we could control our dreams as depicted in Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix
where Voldemort delves into his subconscious and shows him the false visions using Legilimency .

Legilimency is the act of magically navigating through the many layers of a person’s mind and correctly interpreting one’s findings. A person who practises this art is known as a Legilimens. Muggles might call this “mind-reading,” but practitioners disdain the term as naive. The opposite of Legilimency is Occlumency, which may be used to shield one’s mind from the invasion and influence of a Legilimens.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could actually practice Legilimency? Well tadadada…. Here is a dream come true… or shall I say… A magic come true.. Presently, Legilimency can be practiced in reality as well.. well at least to some extent, and efforts are being made to broaden the horizons.

hypnosisThere is hypnosis which can be used very effectively to control another person’s subconscious . Then there is the lucid dream technique.When you are neither fully awake nor fully in your dreams,you can calm yourself and think of something you want to dream of.And most probably,after sleeping you will get that dream.
o-SLEEP-MASK-facebookThen there are machines which do the same.Like the Remee mask which helps you in lucid dream technique by making you aware that you are in a dream.
Then there are electrodes which can stimulate and change your brain’s thoughts and ideas as you want.

And then there is a machine which is recently developed in Japan.Just pick a photo resembling to the dream you want,put it in the machine,connect it to your head and done!!!

So fans, what are you waiting for!! Get some sneak peek into Legilimency and get ready to Live the Magic.