So,today in Pottertech,we are going to discuss about the Invisibility Cloak.Yes!the same cloak which Harry used in The Philosopher’s Stone for the first time.And later,it came to his recue in The Chamber of Secrets,Goblet of fire,etc.

It is a device using which one could roam around undetected.Sounds interesting na.Now,who wouldn’t want such an interesting stuff.But,we don’t know any magic to create such stuff…do we?So here,once again,the magic of science comes to our rescue.

The invisibility cloak from the iconic “Harry Potter” may not be as far-fetched a dream as many consider it to be. Scientists have developed a coating that can make curved surfaces seem flat, creating the illusion of there being no object at all,i.e.,invisibility.

In September 2015, the University of California, Berkeley, developed a type of invisibility technology that reflects light to keep objects hidden. Their method uses gold nanoantennas to “reroute reflected light waves” so that the object it is covering is invisible when the gold’s polarization is turned on. However, the scale is  microscopic — “barely” 80 nanometers thick and only large enough to cover a few biological cells.

An invisibility cloak for the viruses and bacterias,maybe.Only if they don’t create some chaos using it,haha.Cmon guys,even microbes like Harry Potter,a’int it?

On a serious note,though its a small step…but a giant leap.Now,that we have started,lets do this!!!