When Rowling wrote the last book of Harry Potter series, she declared that she would now be bidding farewell to the series, once for all. But little did she know the love of her fans for her magical creation that would motivate them to procure fan fictions of her work.

In this post I want to draw attention to one such fan fiction about Harry’s son James Sirius Potter written by G. Norman Lippert. The series started in 2007 and is a pentalogy, alongwith some complementary writings from the author, the last book yet to be published. The series is a narrative of adventures of Harry Potter’s first born son, James Sirius Potter in 7 years of Hogwarts. The pdf files of the series are available here for fans to read, share and review.


James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing


James Potter and the Curse of the Gate keeper


James Potter and the Vault of Destinies


James Potter and the Morrigan Web

Details of other short contemporary narratives of Norman are available in his official website available here.

About the Author

G. Norman Lippert is an American author who has not yet published any of his works G._Norman_Lippert_6680officially, however he is followed widely worldwide. For more information about Norman Lippert fans can check out the following links.

G. Norman Lippert’s Personal Blog

James Potter Official Website

G. Norman Lippert’s Official Website

Hope you enjoy the fan-fiction as I did.